MarakiQana Ltd is
an Ethiopian Specialty
Coffee Roaster at

Our Brand Is Marked By Three Important Concepts:
  • Originality
  • Authenticity
  • Environmental & Social Impact

Experience Some of the World's Most Flavorful World Coffee and Enjoy Nature's Best!


Dear Coffee Lover,

What’s more exciting than jumpstarting your day with a great cup of coffee! We bring to you uniquely flavored single source specialty Arabica coffee including wild and forest coffees right from its birthplace –- Ethiopia!

We're also committed to supporting livelihoods and women empowerment by sourcing high quality coffee from women coffee farmers throughout Ethiopia.Learn more

Enjoy Ethiopia's most aromatic specialty coffee varieties while making a difference.

We serve with passion and purpose,
MarakiQana Coffee

Who We Are

Experience Ethiopia's most aromatic premium Arabica coffee known for exhibiting a range of well-balanced flavors with a distinct winey and full-bodied richness

Our fresh roast coffee accentuates the potent sweetness and powerful character of the Ethiopian coffee, giving clients the best coffee experience. We're committed to supporting livelihoods and women empowerment by sourcing high quality coffee from women coffee farmers throughout Ethiopia.

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Getting Started

Send an email to us now to begin the partnership journey with us. We are glad that you concider us and we are confident we shall tick every box in your check list

Initial Cupping

Sensory panels are often referred to as the sommeliers of coffee. They utilize standard Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) cupping protocol, and as they sample the coffee, they document different quality criteria. This process allows us to set baseline standards to ensure your expectations are met.

In-House Sampling

Making sure every product meets the baseline standards set in the previous step. Developed by our team of experts, these samples allow us to control consistency and assure cup quality prior to sending to you for tasting.

Your Turn To Taste

Now that we’ve determined what we feel is the best possible product to meet your needs, we create pre-production samples and send them to you for tasting.

What we do

We partner with all key stakeholders in the coffee value chain including coffee farmers and producers to source the best coffee for you.

Success in the coffee industry for us is built on quality coffee and earning loyal customers. We stand out among the competition by supplying freshly roasted Arabica specialty coffee right from the origin.

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Enjoy nature’s best while making a difference!

Environmental and Social Impact

MarakiQana Coffee is inspired by the concept of impact investment with the intention to generate positive, measurable, social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

By sourcing organic, wild and forest coffee we promote sustainable coffee production and consumption in Ethiopia and globally.  We work with coffee farmers and producers who are committed to preserving natural rainforest and biodiversity in different parts of the country and contribute to climate change mitigation.

For instance, in Bench Maji zone efforts are being made to preserve the natural rain forest and reforest the degraded areas through a Participatory Forest Management (PFM).  In this approach, coffee production is overseen by the farmers who respect the natural production system and earn their livelihoods from coffee harvested from trees growing naturally in the forest.

In Zege Peninsula, the traditional prohibition of ploughing and the existence of the coffee forest has created interdependence, where inhabitants of the peninsula need a market to sell their coffee and fruit and obtain food staples.  As a result, Zege is covered by a dense coffee forest, in marked contrast to the arable and ploughlands that dominate more of northern Ethiopia.

Forest coffee in these and other areas continues to play a key role in preserving a well-balanced ecosystem through plant and animal biodiversity.

In addition to creating market for the communities cultivating forest coffee, we dedicate 10% of our proceeds to support targeted community development and green growth initiatives in areas from where the coffee is sourced.  We believe our humble commitment will inspire key stakeholders and change makers to partner with us in promoting forest coffee and sustainable livelihoods in Ethiopia!

Enjoy nature’s best while making a difference! Click here to reach out if you would like to partner with us.