By Choosing MarakiQana,
YOU Can Contribute to
Climate Change

Our Story

Coffee is the most popular drink consumed worldwide. Over 500 billion cups of coffee are drunk each year.

The unfortunate reality for coffee drinkers is that coffee farming has contributed to deforestation and biodiversity decline in many coffee growing countries. In some regions, the negative consequences of coffee production are worsening as the global demand for coffee increases.

YOU can change this trajectory by simply choosing to drink sustainably grown natural coffee!

Research shows that human societies could live sustainably by ensuring that the demands they put on nature do not exceed its resources. Instead of destroying natural habitats, coffee could serve to preserve forests and biodiversity, sustain beneficial ecosystem services, fix carbon, improve degraded landscapes, and provide a sustainable livelihood for farmers.

By choosing MarakiQana specialty coffee including forest and wild coffees you can contribute to climate change mitigation.

Enjoy nature’s best while making a difference!